finale ligure invernale


Sunday evening: I buy myself a return ticket to finale ligure.


Monday morning: I wake up at 5:30, pack kneepads gloves helmet and take the early morning train to the place where summer never ends.


To be honest, today finale was a bit cold but I still ended up in (baggy) shorts.


The idea was to do maybe a couple of runs on the “DH Donne” (a beatiful trail that hangs over varigotti) but at the end I did 75% of the finalenduro race course.


What about the other 25%? well today it was not a good day. I scratched my face in a tangled mess of tree branches and bushes (my 2 cents: always wear eye protection).


Then I flipped over the bars during a fairly easy section. After that I wasn’t able to tackle any of the hard stuff; I guess my confidence just ran away (that bitch).


So I took the 16:35 train back home. Finale was not nice to me today.


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