Situation: you are in the train with no ticket. The ticket inspector asks for your ticket. You lower your voice, and say:
“My name is Jack Bauer, I am following a suicide bomber who’s right now on this train. Walk away and don’t look back”.

Situation: you need a car to do your shopping for the weekend. You spot a guy entering his Corvette, so you punch him in the face and while he’s down, shout:
“Stay down !”

Situation: you need to check if your son is going to school or not. You call CTU, and ask:
“Chloe, Give me satellite coverage”.

Situation: You are in a meeting to discuss some business strategies, but you fall asleep. You wake up and there’s your boss asking your opinion on somebody. You reply is:
“Sir, we have to find him. Right now, he’s our only chance of finding ( Sahid / Ahmed / Nazir )”.

Situation: you wife has been mistaken for Abu Asham (an islamic terrorist) and therefore killed by FBI agents, so you swear to God you’ll never ever work for the government again. Then the President calls you asking to help his kid since he can’t find his dog Bernie anymore. Your reply to the President:
“Yes, mr. President”.

Situation: you are tortured by chinese agents. Special forces agents come to rescue you, then they give you to russian terrorists because if they don’t these terrorists will detonate a nuclear device in Santa Barbara. The President calls you to say how sorry he is and that your sacrifice will not be in vain. Your reply to the President:
“Thank you, mr. President”.

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