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I’ve been stuck at home due to a minor major incident in the past 4 weeks, so I had the chance to enjoy a couple of TV series: Seinfeld (1st and 2nd season) and Huff.

Seinfeld is a wickedly funny show “about nothing” as the americans say; never heard of it here in Italy, and I suppose that it’s a kind of show that would not translate as well to the italian taste as Friends. So there’s Jerry Seinfeld (a real first class stand-up comedian), his ex-grilfriend and two other buddies, New York and a local cafe’, nice intermezzos where Seinfeld plays himself doing the stand-up comedy thing, and lots of brilliant jokes and comedy setups that you really love to watch’em again and again.
Mind you, it’s really addictive stuff: once you begin watching it you will not stop. Believe me.

Huff is a serious one. I like it because it’s really got an adult, un-adulterated content. Harsh at times and sometimes dark as the Sopranos. A brilliant cast with that favourite of mine, Hank Azaria (some of you might remember him in Friends, playing Phoebe’s geek scientist fiancee’). Sometimes a little bit too sugary. Thanks god there’s Russell Tupper, a cocaine-fueled sharp-mouthed lawyer that I’ve just elected my personal hero of the month.

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  1. dailypop ha detto:

    Sorry to hear about your accident.

    While stuck at home, give the BBC version of the Office and the new Doctor Who a try… Might not be your thing, but I figure you might not think of it yourself.

  2. aadm ha detto:

    hi dailypop and thanks for the recommendation.

    this entry was posted a long time ago but i’m still into tv shows. the bbc version of the Office was a favourite when i was living in the UK; never really liked the US version.

    regarding the new doctor who, well never head of that ! I’ll give it a try…

  3. dailypop ha detto:

    I’m not a TV viewer myself, but if you have a region free player definitely check out the Green Wing and Life on Mars.

    Green Wing is the best comedy since the UK Office and Life on Mars is incredibly inventive drama.

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