the way I blog

  1. get an idea: basically, whatever springs to my mind;
  2. write it down: on a piece of paper, if on the move; if connected, open my gmail account, write a new mail with subject something like “[blog] how to spit like a lama”, then save as draft;
  3. leave it standing for at least a couple of hours;
  4. copy & paste it on the blogger edit page, do some minor cosmetic modifications, change the publishing dates to avoid embarassment (“yes boss I’ve been working for hours on this project, what do you think I’m sitting up on my ass in this office ?”)

Sidenote: basically the great thing is to use online tools as much as possible.
Drafts are kept in my gmail account until I finish them. When they’re well cooked, I post them online on Blogger. I have setup my Blogger account to email me back to my gmail account the newly inserted post so I have at least the first copy of them kept in two separate places.

What if Gmail crash, Blogger goes nuts, the world suddenly ends, I’m transferred in Nigeria and have no broadband connection ? Oh come on, at the end of the day it’s ony another stupid blog…

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