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I don’t watch too much tv.
My beatiful LCD widescreen TV has a quiet life with me; not too much zapping (surely a source of stress not only for the zapper -me-, but also for the zapped -the tv-).
Every once in a while, when I’m stuck at home during the weekends (a rare event), I watch MotoGP or Superbike races. News, and what goes on in the world? I prefer the internet or the good old radio. Anyway I never dig too much in those subjects.
It was different when I was living in the UK, I must say; BBC news was at first a great way to learn spoken english (then I realized also the true meaning of unbiased news, a luxury that we don’t have here in Italy).

Anyway, I’m digressing. The point is that, even if I don’t like TV, I love good TV shows. I love them for the same reason I love long, lengthy books such as The Stand or Crime & Punishment. I love them because I fall in love with the characters, and I like to see them and follow their lives for more than two hours.

My first show has been Friends (thanks to Sabrina, who’s the only person I know with all the 10 series of Friends in DVD, all original !); then I got to know Sopranos, this time after Daniele’s recommendation. And then other shows, but I’d like now to spend a few more words on these two shows.

Friends is light; incredibly funny, I can watch any episode over and over again, and still have fun and laugh or at least smile. True, the characters don’t evolve much; but I take it as feeling-good pill, just to laugh and smile and sometimes even cry (well, close to it).

Sopranos is dark; I love the guys, I love the dark humour, I love the way it’s beatifully crafted and directed, almost as much as a full-feature movie, and more importantly I’m deeply in love with the characters; Paulie, Chrissie, Sil, Adriana, Meadow, not to mention Tony of course.

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