back on track

So now I was thinking “hey should I write this in english or in italian” ?
Will I have more english or italian readers ? Kind of silly question, isn’t it.
So I decided: no rules on the language here. Anyway, the content is what really matters.
And I agree, there’s no content here (yet).
So let’s move on. This is what I plan to write on:

  • motorbikes & cars (and everything else that’s got wheels, i.e. mountain bikes and rollerblades);
  • mountaineering (kind of a new thing, have a look at my page on flickr to see where I got the bug);
  • macs and other tech-related stuff (let’s say I was born as a computer geek and then evolved with time to become a full-sided person; but I am still one that prefers reading Wired as my news source)
  • photography; after motorbikes, my only other long term passion
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